When Your Dreams are Crushing You…

Sometimes it feels like pursuing your dream and changing the world will actually take more than what you have to give. There are times when we will give our absolute best, we will play at 500% and we will still fail. I can tell you from my own personal experience, regarding this tiny little mission […]

A Shot Worth Taking

I actually can’t believe I’m writing this post.  I can’t believe I’m finally in a position to write this post.  Today I’m going to share something that is extremely personal to me…a bit too personal for my usual comfort zone, in fact. I’m writing this as a follow-up to my vlog from yesterday: Why are […]


Strategy digging deeper

Are you a strategic thinker? Would you like to be? When you think of strategy, what comes to mind? The formal definition reads “a carefully devised plan of action to achieve a goal”. How many of you think of war tactics at the mention of strategy? That was the dictionary’s secondary definition of the word […]

Character vs. Performance

sprouting branch character vs performance

WOW!  We are now inside of 90 days left in this decade!!  Have you stopped to think about that!?  Can you remember where you were, who you were, and what you were doing at the end of 1999?  What were your dreams, ambitions, and goals?  What was your main focus?  How much has changed since […]