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Do you want to upgrade your core skillset so you can confidently run your business with the ease you imagined when you started…without sacrificing your family, your soul, or your sanity?

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Use these free High-performance business tools and trainings to help you back onto the road to a life filled with passion, purpose, and joy.
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Get my top 101 “must-read”


Get access to the list of the most life-changing books. I’ve categorized them using The 8 Lanes of Success to help you grow holistically across all areas of your life (or pick the section you’ve identified as a growth goal).

Many of my biggest mentors and most life-changing influencers have never known my name, but I’ve known their work through the pages of their books. No matter who you are, or where you are right now, with this book list you still have the privilege of standing on the shoulders of giants.

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HOW TO BUILD A High performance  BUSINESS IN

20 hours per week




This training is perfect for you if you want to run a profitable High-performance business from home in less than 20 hours a week and covers everything from time management strategies to copying the right cat… ← this will make complete sense about twenty minutes in 😉.

You’ll learn how to:

• Block your time into sections that actually WORK for you and your family

• Identify the “critical inch” tasks and stop swimming in your never-ending To-Do list

• Develop the mindset you MUST have in order to build a profitable business (even while working from home in your jammies!)



Perfection and Excellence

What’s the difference between the pursuit of perfection and the pursuit of excellence? Hold that thought…because it’s the topic of this weeks Digging Deeper Real Talk!

If you have perfectionist tendencies this is a MUST WATCH.

You’ll learn the answer to the big question!

⚡️ How you can learn to settle for less than perfect as a woman with high standards (even if you’re Type A!)

⚡️ How to thrive in the pursuit of excellence

⚡️ The trump card that saves me from a never-ending, infuriating pursuit of perfection.

⚡️ The totally doable everyday attitude that is the real key to achieving excellence.




Free eBook

2021 will surely be remembered as the year that introduced terrifying concepts: a global pandemic… Murder hornets… And of course – every parents’ nightmare: Homeschooling!

Even though your kids may be back at school, we’ve all had some major a-ha moments that “old school” schooling isn’t really working. You may dread the idea of homeschooling…and that’s ok! But, if you’re tired of settling for the mediocre (at best) school system, how can we think outside the box to raise global leaders and entrepreneurs in our ever-changing modern world?

I’d like to offer my followers a special gift – a free copy of my eBook, to ensure you survive your kids’ education unharmed! Even if you “Didn’t Sign Up for This”…

Follow this link to receive your free copy!


Success Spotlight

Learn how these successful women business owners went from start-up to multiple six and seven-figure businesses.

Success Spotlight