How to Work from Home without Killing the Family!

Do you work from home? Maybe you’re an entrepreneur, freelancer or contractor and you’ve worked from home for ages. Or you have a full-time job but you also have a side hustle. Maybe Covid has forced you into it.  As a wife, mother and a high-achieving woman, you need some systems in place so you can work from home productively without driving your family crazy! Right?!  How to successfully work…
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5 Steps to Reach Your Ultimate Potential….

... and stop underachieving How many times per week do you wake up with huge goals and plans for the day, only to finish at night feeling defeated and deflated? Are you nowhere near your true potential? Most women feel like this, so let me ask you a couple of questions.   Are you ready to become your own hero? You want to turn your life around and become a true champion…
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Healthy boundaries dream life

Do you Need to put Boundaries in Place to Live the Life you Want?

Want to know the one word that’s saved my life and my sanity and been one of the major contributors to my success to separate me from the masses?  That word is boundaries.  What are Boundaries? The meaning is pretty intuitive. Boundaries are something that separate something from something or someone else. So how does this apply to high-achieving women entrepreneurs? I’ll explain.  Boundaries are a key critical skill that…
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How to Get Out of Your Own Way

Do you want to know how to get out of your own way as you work to achieve your goals? There’s one quality that makes all the difference between success and failure in your life – victim mentality.  So what IS victim mentality? It’s where you feel and act like a victim in your own life. Please understand though, that there’s a difference between trauma and drama, and we are…
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work-life balance

How to find the work – life balance as a woman entrepreneur?

When you are an entrepreneur, it can easily take up most of your time. So, how do you find your life – work balance? We have a few tips for you right here.How Do Women Entrepreneurs Find Work – Life Balance? This is the million-dollar question for women entrepreneurs.   As we discussed in a recent post, the demands on any entrepreneur are massive.  As the founder, owner, and boss, what…
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Skills for Entrepreneurs

The Most Important Skills Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed

To be an entrepreneur is a full-time job, and you must have certain traits to be a successful woman entrepreneur. If you want to know what skills you need as a successful entrepreneur, then read this! What are the most important skills successful entrepreneurs have? To succeed in the world today as an entrepreneur is the ultimate definition of the American Dream.  Creating your own business from scratch and the…
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High-Powered Quitter

Are You a High-Powered Quitter?

I first noticed the trend of quitting in my early twenties, as I was embracing life as a yuppie in Dallas, Texas.  Two years out of college, I was on the corporate fast-track in global banking while my employer sponsored my MBA in a prestigious private school.  I was in my element, surrounded by other goal-oriented high-achievers.  We all had big dreams, big ambitions, and big plans to make it…
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Accountable to My Goals…You Promised to Help!

Okie doke…it’s time to stay accountable!!! A 4-month assessment of my 22-month Nutrition & Fitness Goal As some of you are aware, back in March of this year, I embarked on a 22-month Nutrition & Fitness goal. Of course, we all know that staying accountable is one of the not-so-secret super powers of all Superhumans, so I'm going to practice what I preach and share a quick update with you…
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Patriotic Shoes

July 4th, Freedom? Are we still free?

Was July 4th weird for you this year?! I must admit, this is one of the WEIRDEST Independence Day weekends I’ve ever experienced. Even more weird than the ones when we lived overseas and no once noticed or cared that it was July 4th. This year I have very mixed emotions around July 4th. I feel extreme pride and gratitude for our Founders, our history, and all of the countless…
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Tough love…A Note from Chaya

My Love Letter to You: Thirteen years ago, I was at the “top” of my career, and tough love was the furthest thing from my mind.   I was making more money in a month than I had previously made in an entire year, I was helping other people to create success, and I was traveling the world in picturesque style.  I had a big house, gorgeous wardrobe, and flashy jewelry that…
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