Have you ever hit a season of massive introspection?  Maybe it’s something that comes slowly with age.  Maybe it’s a personality thing.  Maybe the desire to self-reflect comes as a result of life events.  Or maybe it’s a combination of all the above.  My first round of really looking deep within came as a result of my 25th birthday.  I felt as if I were having a quarter-life crisis, and…
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Start Ugly

Welcome to our second Digging Deeper Vlog episode! How long have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get started? How long have you been waiting for life to calm down? What if we didn't have to wait? What if we could start right now, just as we are? https://youtu.be/nCkHyV8MIzg What happens if we start ugly? What's the worst that could happen? Are we stuck with that level forever?…
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