Excellence in a Lockdown?!

How strong-minded mommas slipped into the quarantine funk...and how to snap out of it! What does excellence look like in the midst of a global lockdown? Anyone who knows me well knows that excellence is one of my favorite words.  It’s a word that’s often misunderstood.  Someone who is striving for excellence is not in the pursuit of perfection.  Perfection may be great in marketing, media and ad campaigns, but…
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It’s Time to Stop the Madness

https://youtu.be/Iso_5CxcGBA I have spent a lot of time over the last couple of days as all of us have just watching the world like fall apart, just scratching my head and thinking...What on earth is going on here?? And honestly, from, from where I'm holding, enough is enough. We have to do something ... that's the bottom line. It's painful to look around right now and see the shock, the…
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