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Unleash your potential

Ditch hot mess status and conquer your biggest goals.

You already have an enviable work ethic, so when you apply the Digging Deeper for Success framework, you’ll start rocking your business and your home life

We live in a world where you can’t separate business from your home-life, especially if you’re an entrepreneur.

So we designed a framework that helps women structure their days for success at home AND at work, tested it with hundreds of women from around the world…and it works!

Meet Jaime

“Before I signed up for Chaya’s 90 Day Blitz, I didn’t have much work-life balance”

Jaime came to me and she was doing well growing her business, but her business was all she was thinking about, even when she was home with her kids. 

After working through the 90 Day Blitz she found what she was looking for. She now takes time out with family and friends without feeling guilty, and has even resurrected her long-lost hobby…horse riding!

Time Management | 90 Day Blitz | War Week

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Who you are in life is

who you are in business

Our mission…


(aka your master plan for success)
(aka how successful women really do it)




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Here’s how we do it!

1. Tame your time using the 4 Pillar Process

Time mastery will free up the space you need to conquer the next step on your journey.

2. Get out of your own way

Almost every limit is self imposed. Diagnose and deconstruct your mindset barriers and then reinstall beneficial beliefs.

3. Ready, fire, aim.

Get crystal clear on where you’re going and fail forwards to make epic progress and grow faster than you can comprehend. One day at a time.


Let’s talk about you for a moment…

Does any of this ring true for you?

You started off with big dreams and a ton of things you want to accomplish but feel pulled in 20 different directions and struggle to make meaningful progress.

Shiny object syndrome is real for you right now. You keep trying to finish things, but something else always crops up and sucks your time away, so you have multiple projects on the go with no clear end in sight.

You’re frustrated because you spend all day rushing around like a crazy woman trying to get everything done, only to flop on the sofa at the end of the day exhausted and unfulfilled.


The good news

is you already have the one thing you can’t learn…

…the raw drive to succeed (or shall we say ambition?)
…even if it’s only a flicker of hope right now.

You have the glowing embers with the potential to ignite a furnace. Your desire is the fuel you need to lift you, your friends and your community.

The rest? It’s all learnable.

That’s where we come in.

We’re here to help you master your time and then build a mindset that works for you and your goals and desires. No matter whether you want to earn seven figures, or set up a charity. Or both.


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Hi I ‘m Chaya!


I’m a dedicated wife and mom, serial entrepreneur, passionate success coach, aspiring athlete, lifelong student, and perpetual dreamer.

I’m also the founder and CEO of an up-and-coming international school system, designed to revolutionize global education..but more on that later!

I believe that every mission to change the world must start at home, and when purpose-driven, goal-oriented women unite, they become an unstoppable force.

My mission is to help women like you transform your mindset and master the skills necessary to break through every obstacle and belief barrier in your world to create the life of your dreams.

Because once a woman realizes that she is truly unstoppable, then this new reality will become the legacy she passes onto her children.

And that will very literally change our entire planet – by changing the way our next generation sees the world.

Read more…

Meet Mahin

I want to support myself, my family and the world around me financially and through philanthropy work.”

Mahin always knew she wanted to be financially independent, and knew early on that she would never work for anyone else! Her biggest struggle has been staying focussed with so many moving parts in her business, but investing in her personal development means she has mastered what she needs to achieve ‘Work-life harmony’ and is now focused on becoming a better leader for her team.

7 Figure Female Mastermind

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As a woman entrepreneur, I have learned that nothing is impossible! Set goals, set timelines to meet those goals, and work hard to achieve them. My motto is: Make it Happen!”

Sallie bravely walked away from her family business to follow her passion for biology and airboats. She has successfully built a business that brings her joy, and that works around her growing family. She trusted that she would find her way and she did make it happen!

SALLIE HAYNES | Allll the free coaching sessions!

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How Digging Deeper will

get you what you want

“This ain’t some airy-fairy thing where we sit and focus on motivation and inspiration.”

This tribe is all about immediately actionable strategies for goal-oriented women who are not short on ideas.

This is where you’ll learn strategies that will help you:

• Master your time
• Get unshakeable focus
• Finally get home life balance
• Delete mindset blocks
• Architect the life you deserve

“Planning was always a struggle for me, but now I have a structure to put things in. I finally have space to do things I want to do, like buy gifts for people!”

Aimee came to me as a busy mom of 4 kids, the co-owner of a vet practice and owner of a freelance design business. She was so busy she told me she didn’t think she had the time to take War Week! She’d freak out every time she looked at her calendar because she didn’t know how she would get it all done. She trusted in the system I shared with her and now she is celebrating achieving her health and weight loss goals. Way to go Aimee!

AIMEE LESATZ GROVER | War Week and Time Management

Read Aimee’s Success Story here – coming soon.

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Our Bigger Mission

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What if the bank doubled your money every seven days?

The Bigger Picture
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Now everyone who you love has their bank of awesomeness to share by doing what they love every day.

Build up your bank account of


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