Jaime Brandon 

This week we’re talking to Jaime Brandon about her 21+ years as an entrepreneur. She opens up about her industry tanking it in 2020, how she refused to lower her goals… and ended up with her best year yet!
Raised in Denver, Colorado, Jaime started her entrepreneurial career as a kid, making cards and gift baskets for friends and family. She started working in direct sales because she wanted the flexibility to work her own hours and make as much or as little as she wanted while she was in college. She worked in that business for 20 years.
In 2014 she founded Rocky Mountain Design Alliance, a business where she’s an independent representative for manufacturers that make products for commercial interiors. Items like fabric, artwork/mirrors, seating, draperies, mattresses, and flooring…as we’ve hinted at already…that business is going well!

Can you explain to our readers what your business is all about?

I’m an independent representative for manufacturers that make products for commercial interiors.  We largely cater to the hotel, senior living, and multi-family industries. For example, we represent manufacturers that make fabric, artwork/mirrors, seating, draperies, mattresses, and flooring.


What was happening in your life and business when you first realized you needed to invest in personal development?  

By way of joining a direct selling company, personal development was part of the weekly, quarterly and annual training.  

This training for 20 years really was invaluable to me in my current business.  

After I left direct sales, I needed to source personal development on my own, which is a bit of a challenge to find mentors and programs you align with.  

So, I read books and connected with a few courses online.

What aspects of your business do you find the most challenging?  

Project management can be challenging.  

Meeting our client’s expectations and deadlines while managing our manufacturers’ lead times and processes.  We are the liaison between them and it can be a lot of correspondence over the life of a project, which can last up to 1-2 years long.

What aspects of your business do you find the most rewarding?  

I want to be the best in my local market so that our clients want to do more business with us in the future.  

When I receive a referral and hear that multiple people gave my name as one of the best reps in my area, that’s rewarding! 


What is your approach to work/life balance?  

Before I signed up for Chaya’s 90-Day Blitz in 2019, I didn’t have much work/life balance.

I mostly worked.

After filling out the Long-Term Life Vision as i learned at the 90-Day Blitz, I set goals to focus on the personal lanes.

After a couple of start-up years in business, I knew I gave my all during the day and work was always going to be there, so I needed to shift focus to other things after hours. 

Now, I really have pretty solid boundaries on workdays, evenings, and weekends.  I now allocate that time more specifically so that I am achieving in all areas of my life.

What do you do to keep your sanity?  

A lot of prayer, time with my family, and good time management.

Things that are just for “me time”? Reading, self-care (facials, massage, baths, friends, family). A movie here and there to completely escape my reality for a bit.


What lessons have you most learned through your journey as a woman entrepreneur? 

A big lesson for me was that I knew what I wanted to achieve, but it wasn’t in the industry/arena that I thought it would happen.  

Be open-minded to other areas or industries where you can apply your skills and find success.  There isn’t just one, that’s the great news!!

“2020 as my best year to date, which is a testament to
a lot of the tips/skills mentioned here.”

What skills are next on your deck to learn?  

I’m working on financial understanding, including the discipline of budgeting. 

I am taking food and dietary knowledge to the next level, de-cluttering my home, and time management is always ongoing in my world too!

Any advice or tips to share with our audience on how “ordinary” women can do extraordinary things?  

>> Believe that you can achieve what you want, but don’t be close-minded as to how or where that might happen!  You will be led to the right avenue, but you have to listen to that guidance, not just pray for it.

>> Take a close look at your thoughts.  I believe that your experience is a manifestation of your thought (like a movie projector and a screen.  The projector is your thought and the screen your experience/life.  If you want to change what’s on the screen, change what’s in the projector.) The good news is it’s all in your thought!  You control your thought, don’t buy into what’s being told to you or what’s “normal”, question/challenge everything and whether it’s true for you.  It’s like swimming upstream against that world’s thought/current constantly, but it’s very rewarding!

>> Lastly, get on top of your time management skills.  It really has changed my life and allows me to feel relaxed and not so frenzied.  

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“ I gained 10 good, productive hours a week…”-Jamie B.

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