“Before I signed up for Chaya’s 90 Day Blitz, I didn’t have much work-life balance.”

Jaime Brandon
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My site is dedicated to helping women warriors (like you!) structure their time for success, take action on their goals, and turn that dream life into real life.



Mom, multi-passionate entrepreneur, success coach, education advocate, aspiring athlete, and a forever student of life here to help you break through every obstacle and belief barrier in your world.

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How My High School Cheerleading Fail Changed My Life

Why Most People Think They Don’t Need Time Management – But Really Do

Top 5 Time Management Hacks to Slay Your Task List and Get More in Less

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I created these courses so you can have access to all the skills, strategies, and support you need to excel in every area of your life…in a way that feels authentic to you!

Time Management Secret For Highly successful women

Time Management Secrets for Highly Successful Women

Your dreams aren’t just for “whenever.” Ditch time-sucking tasks, master your minutes and break up with hot-mess status for good. Because getting clear on what you want is the first step to taking back your power.

High-Performance Training

90-Day Transformation Blitz

Scared of what’s waiting for you at the other side of your comfort zone? Break through your barriers to success and reboot your drive, so you can confidently slay your big, hairy audacious goals.

High-Performance Training war week

War Week

A one-week intensive for modern shield maidens…and any woman ready to face her dragons. Take a good look at where you’re holding, diagnose your blocks and build a strategic roadmap to your dream life.

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