Time Management eBook

Get the strategies you need to get more done in a day than you used to do in a week…without working ‘til 1am.

Time Management Secrets for Highly Successful Women Program

Get access to the time management system that teaches you the four pillars of time management. You’ll learn how to master your time, and dissolve time sucking tasks that bury your soul and take you further from your personal and business goals. 

This program includes video coaching sessions to liberate you from your current mindset and give you the stick-to-it-iveness you need to build new habits into your busy life.

90 Day Transformation Blitz Program

Do you feel ready to dig deep and transform your mindset, your beliefs, and your life? This program will help you break through your barriers to success and reboot your drive so you can confidently slay your big, hairy audacious goals.

If you feel like you’re stuck in a rut, like you need better boundaries, like you’re subconsciously holding yourself back, like you’re drowning in ideas and don’t know how to move forwards…this is the perfect fit for you.

War Week

A one week intensive that enables you to take a good look at where you’re holding in life right now, diagnose your roadblocks and then build a strategic roadmap to your dream life. This is a non negotiable in my annual calendar and is my secret weapon for achieving success in every lane of my life. 

If you need crystal clear clarity, struggle with shiny object syndrome, and need to learn how to say no gracefully to live your life with more ease (even if you’re juggling a business with raising young kids)…War Week is a non-negotiable investment. 

6 Figure-Female Mastermind

Join a group of dynamic, hungry women and work directly with Chaya to break through the mindset blocks that are holding you back from smashing through the barriers to a six-figure income.

7 Figure-Female Mastermind

What gets you to six won’t get you to seven. Custom coaching to blast you to stratospheric levels of success.