About Chaya

Chaya grew up in small town Texas as the daughter of a preacher and teacher.  She lived a childhood full of love, insecurities, and big dreams.  She pursued the standard American path of following the rules while padding your resume and earned a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing from Texas A&M’s Business School in 2000.  After a few stressful and frustrating years in corporate America, she realized that her chosen path wasn’t going to produce a life she loved.  Refusing to settle for mediocrity, and a hunger to rise above the status quo, she was driven to explore other possibilities.   She began to realize that if she could overcome the peer pressure of conformity, she could actually take control of her situation and shape her own destiny.  In 2003, Chaya saw an opportunity to break out of the rat race and live a life of abundant freedom. 

In the few years that followed, she built a successful business of her own in sales and began to coach other female entrepreneurs to do the same.  She held workshops and seminars throughout North America, produced personal and professional coaching resources, and wrote a weekly eColumn to over 12,000 clients.  But as her professional life took off, her personal life began to crumble.  In 2011, her 11-year marriage ended in financial devastation, and she became a single mother to her then three-year old son.  At the same time, she was led on a roller coaster journey where she discovered her Jewish roots. 

In the years since, she has turned her life completely upside down to discover and live a life of truth.  She remarried and spent several years traveling the world with her new husband and son to help run a global family skin care business, using her experience in marketing, sales training, communications, branding, and strategic planning.  

She is the founder and CEO of an up-and-coming school system (www.mmafamily.org and www.lifeschoolglobal.org) with a mission and vision to change the world by changing how we teach our children.  Chaya’s commitment to education grew from her six-year exploration of options for her own son, who was an “out of the box” learner from the start. Her vision is to bring together a global tribe of like-minded people who insist on excellence for the next generation.  Chaya says that the inner dimensions of life continue to impact her daily, and she is passionate about empowering others to shine their own special light.

Chaya also devotes a good portion of her own time to teaching, coaching, and mentoring other women and girls of all ages in personal development.  She helps them to learn and master the critically important, yet often underestimated life skills that are required to thrive in today’s world.  Time management, emotional management, communication skills, goal setting, nutrition, holistic wellness, and strategic planning are among her favorite topics to share.

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