Why are all the life-hackers men?!

WHY do all the life-hackers seem to be men?  And most of them single??  I love them…I really do.  They’re hilarious, write fantastic books, and spend tons of money and time doing research for the rest of us to learn from.  

But dude, don’t tell me about your third bottle of wine and midnight filet mignon with friends that leads to sleeping ’til noon the next day.  Cuz that ain’t duplicatable in my world!!

Where are the married women with kids and careers and real life exploding all around them?  Or the single moms?

Can someone please show me the army of women who have managed to move beyond survival mode to create an awesome sustainable life without sacrificing their families & soul in the process?!

I keep looking and looking, but they seem VERY hard to come by.  Yes, there are women CEOs, astronauts, doctors, and philanthropists.  And thankfully, there are a few incredible role models out there. But oftentimes they seem to be excelling in one area at the expense of all the others.  Why should we settle for that??

I have ZERO judgement for ANYONE who is brave enough to stick their neck out and dares to swim upstream, and I wish them ALL THE SUCCESS in the world!!

But what if we could find & create practical, usable, duplicatable tools and techniques for busy moms that would actually empower sustainable change?

I refuse to believe that we can’t ALL become life-hackers and really build a dream life straight out of our wildest imaginations.

What is a life-hacker, you ask? ” A life hack (or life hacking) is any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life.”

And THIS is exactly what I will be focused on in 2020. 

My mission will be life-hacking beyond any and all limitations. 

Who wants to join me???

XO, Chaya

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