Take back your time & build a profitable business with the FOCUS formula 

– the guilt free way for women to reach their goals faster, with more consistency and joy.

With the Insiders Program you’ll:



It’s time to unleash your potential and start living the days you deserve. Days where you’ve ditched daily distractions and buckled yourself into the driver’s seat.

Writing your to do list the night before (old)
Ditch the archaic system of writing a to-do list the night before. Where “the loudest” tasks are ticked off first immobilizing progress on your most important goals.

Use the FOCUS formula (new)
Lead with unshakeable focus to maximize every moment of every day so you can relegate feelings of overwhelm to the dustpan and perform at your peak.

How it works

Using strategies time strapped women can implement in less than an hour, you’ll transform your relationship with time and become the closest thing you’ll get to a time wizard.

FUTURE MAPPING Eliminate FOMO when you plot out your roadmap using my 8 Lanes of Life Framework. When you’ve marked out your journey from A-B you’ll get the focus you need to prioritize like a pro.
BRAIN REWIRING With the FOCUS formula you’ll learn how to take the time that slips through your fingers and put it to work on your biggest goals, with tips to help you “hack” your brain to get the most from this program.  


Over 1100 women have reclaimed the time they needed to live the life they used to dream about, with fluff free tools and trainings based on neuroscience, psychology and the science of habit formation. 


Theory doesn’t always lead to action which is why you’ll get your first big win within 55 minutes.


Join these unstoppable entrepreneurs and business owners who’ve achieved their biggest goals since learning the FOCUS formula.

Get 360 clarity following this holistic system to time management mastery

Find your FOCUS with the 8 lanes of life training so you can end your work days by 3pm feeling more accomplished than you did working 16 hour days.

Overview your dream life with the 20 year life plan so you can ditch cookie cutter tricks and hacks and instead build a custom program that works for your life and your unique personality.

Calculate the cost of your dreams by plotting your goals into the monthly spiral planning system which will give you the ability to say no to “all of the things” guilt free.

Upgrade your day with morning and evening routines you’ll stick to so you can start each day energized and on fire.

Segment and strategize with regular reviews that keep flexibility in your plan so you can enjoy impromptu sleep ins while still making MASSIVE progress in your personal and professional life.

What you’ll get:

4 x On-demand video trainings that fit into your schedule. Binge them all in a weekend or watch one a week for a month.  


Daily assignments that make sure you implement and build a system that works with your lifestyle.

Daily support in the Time Management Mavens FB group where you can meet like-minded women and get your questions answered by me.

But will this

work for you?

When you become a Time Management Secrets Insider you’re going to learn how to implement the FOCUS formula which will help you reclaim hours of productivity in your day, and help you start living the life you want.

One that’s…

…more fufilling
…more profitable
…and aligns with your hopes and dreams for the future.

But I hear you, your life is B-U-S-Y and you’re worried this won’t work for you.

Well I got you, friend. Unlike other programs, I don’t want you to wait to see results…and I certainly don’t want to see you stay where you are right now. Heck no!

So here’s a challenge and a promise.

My challenge for you:

Enroll right now and watch the first training (it’s only 47 minutes) and then complete the assignment that goes with it within 60 days. That’s a whole 2 MONTHS to test this thing out before you have to make the final decision.

My promise to you:

If you don’t see a measurable change in the way you view your time after this…just let me know and I’ll fire back your investment. So you can learn how to maximize your time and your performance RISK FREE!

You’re going to change your life with this program, I feel it in my bones and I’ve seen it happen so many times before. In my mind the only risk is you not taking this program! So to help with my mission to lift as many women as possible to reach their fullest potential I’m giving you 60 days to test this system risk free. You can watch all the video trainings in 5 hours…and if you don’t find that you’ve improved your focus and started reclaiming your time I’ll give you a 100% refund


our students are saying

” [Before]I felt like I was constantly just putting out fires…”

“Writing everything down has been huge for me and knowing exactly where you want to go, and who you want to be”

” I don’t stress anymore or run around thinking I’ve forgotten something. ” 


Time Management Mavens

asked before joining

I’m a big believer in tough love laced with compassion…so here’s the truth.

You need to invest time to gain time.

You can keep on fighting fires every day, but you’re not going to make the progress you deserve.

Can you learn how to manage your time alone? Sure.

It’ll take you a heck of a lot longer though, and you’ll certainly make a ton of costly mistakes on the way. One of the problems I had to overcome on my personal journey to time management mastery was the unrealistic advice shared by men that didn’t resonate with my daily experience of life as an ambitious woman at all.

If you’re short of time- this FOCUS formula has been road tested by hundreds of women before you. It works. 

Other time management programs aren’t designed for ambitious, multi-passionate women.

Canned time management hacks don’t work for women like us.

This program is designed for busy women who know they’re meant for more.

You need fluff free training that gives you strategies you can apply in your life…immediately.

No prep needed. No dog sitter. No nanny. No expensive tools or tech.

I like to call it immediately implementable.

  • You’ll get really clear on where you’re going in your life.
  • You’ll build out your strategic annual, quarterly, monthly and daily plan.
  • You’ll learn how to create a filter that helps weed out tasks that take you further away from your goals (and how to say no gracefully…and enjoy it).

Plus you’ll learn how to set up your days so you achieve your tasks, and your goals so you can put an end to the guilt you feel when you keep transferring tasks from one day to the next.

You’ll end the program with a clear framework for managing your time, you’ll know exactly how you’re going to make realistic (and inevitable) progress on your goals.