Time management struggles for high-achieving women

Why do so many high-achieving women struggle with time management today? Please bear in mind, we’re not talking about small thinkers without dreams and goals.  Those types of people aren’t usually aware of time management in the first place.  On the contrary, we’re talking about bright, talented women, full of potential & power. Yet, somehow, […]

Note to Self…

We have designated Wednesday as outside expert day in our #90dayblitz. However, today I do not feel like listening to an outside expert. Instead, I feel the deep need for an inside expert. I’m asking my wiser, inner voice to remind me that I’m on the right path, because the girl I’m seeing in the mirror […]

Good or Great?

Are you familiar with the concept of good versus great? There’s a classic book by Jim Collins on the subject that was quite possibly the first “personal development” book I ever read, as it was a requirement in my first semester of grad school.  It centers around how sad it is that most Americans never […]

Are You Busy?

 In our recent Quantum Leap discussion, I alluded to our conversation topic for today: Busyness.  I shared the following two thoughts and promised that we would dig deeper into the subject this week: If rewriting your life and redefining yourself is necessary for you to experience victory, then the only way to change your situation […]

Rebound Time

So…you have life goals you want to accomplish.  You’re not there yet, and sometimes it feels like you may never get there? I know the feeling.  One of the topics I focus on a LOT with my students and clients is Life as a Champion.  To start off this discussion, we first analyze: What would […]


Today we’re going to discuss one very powerful word: habit.  The word itself sounds simple and innocent enough, but when we dig deeper, we realize that this one word possesses the power to make or break us in our quest for excellence and victory.  Webster’s describes the ferocious little word as “a regularly repeated behavior […]

The rut of running in place

My Dearest Chaya, Can you believe it’s the end of July?  Poof! Another birthday has come and gone. Once again, we’re now halfway through another calendar year, and this time we’re getting ready to usher in a whole new decade.  This is a perfect time to stop and evaluate our situation.              During the first […]