Strategy digging deeper


Are you a strategic thinker? Would you like to be? When you think of strategy, what comes to mind? The formal definition reads “a carefully devised plan of action to achieve a goal”. How many of you think of war tactics at the mention of strategy? That was the dictionary’s secondary definition of the word —“the science or art of planning and conducting a war or military campaign”. That’s exactly…
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A Quantum Leap

         How many times have you heard these old clichés…“You can either keep paying your dues, or you can decide for it to be pay day.”…“It’s time to put up or shut up.”…“It’s time to fish or cut bait.”?  Well, what happens if you’re tired of “paying your dues”, but “shutting up” isn’t an option?  If plugging along while hoping to hit pay day just isn’t going to cut it…
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A Refined Focus

Today I’d like to discuss a life skill that I believe is a critical piece of driving our desired results in life.  It’s the skill of refining our focus.  It’s an evolutionary process that typically transpires from six individual steps. We awake to the realization that our life is not headed in the direction of our ultimate vision.             It may be the first time you’ve had this realization about…
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Rebound Time

So…you have life goals you want to accomplish.  You’re not there yet, and sometimes it feels like you may never get there? I know the feeling.  One of the topics I focus on a LOT with my students and clients is Life as a Champion.  To start off this discussion, we first analyze: What would it look like to live life as a champion?  To really answer that question, we…
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