Start Ugly

Welcome to our second Digging Deeper Vlog episode! How long have you been waiting for the perfect opportunity to get started? How long have you been waiting for life to calm down? What if we didn't have to wait? What if we could start right now, just as we are? What happens if we start ugly? What's the worst that could happen? Are we stuck with that level forever?…
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Chaya Ben-Shabat Health

What does HEALTH mean to you?

I promised our 90-Day Blitzers that every Monday of the Blitz, I would post a new vlog. Today I am only able to deliver on this promise through one of my life philosophies, which is START UGLY. We'll Dig Deeper into that concept later, but for now, I'm bringing you our first weekly video, recorded from my brand new, still totally bare & empty School Office. It's the first time…
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