Excellence in a Lockdown?!

How strong-minded mommas slipped into the quarantine funk...and how to snap out of it! What does excellence look like in the midst of a global lockdown? Anyone who knows me well knows that excellence is one of my favorite words.  It’s a word that’s often misunderstood.  Someone who is striving for excellence is not in the pursuit of perfection.  Perfection may be great in marketing, media and ad campaigns, but…
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Life Lessons & Tea Talks

This week we started a new custom in our house...something I’ve been thinking about for a long time but couldn’t quite figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I spend a lot of time thinking about the type of human I want to raise. Actually, I heard recently that “raise” isn’t the right word. We raise cattle, not humans. Perhaps ‘help nurture’ is a better fit? Sounds a bit…
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Let’s talk about the L word today: leadership. It’s interesting how that one word can conjure up so many different thoughts, emotions, and reactions in different people. I would venture to guess that some of you reading my words at this very moment are doing a quick scan of the contents before you hit the delete key, because you are tempted to think that the topic of leadership doesn’t apply…
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Lightbulb personal excellence

Mental Makeover

If you are in leadership, sales, education, team sports, or are pursuing any sort of dream, I’d like to talk specifically to you today. We’re going to discuss what I believe is one of the most challenging things for anyone and everyone in the pursuit of personal excellence: managing our thoughts. In my opinion, every attempt we make to reach and sustain a life of victory will ultimately end in…
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