No Technology?!!

What happens when three boys have a sleepover with no technology allowed?? Their imaginations are forced to come out and play!! ???????????? Last weekend, I decided to test a certain theory about modern-day kids. I am VERY happy to report that that sans video games and iPads, old school sleepover staples are still as epic as ever. S'mores, Homemade Pizza, Sleepover Snacks, Late Night Giggles, and the power of a few…
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Life Lessons & Tea Talks

This week we started a new custom in our house...something I’ve been thinking about for a long time but couldn’t quite figure out exactly what I wanted to do. I spend a lot of time thinking about the type of human I want to raise. Actually, I heard recently that “raise” isn’t the right word. We raise cattle, not humans. Perhaps ‘help nurture’ is a better fit? Sounds a bit…
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