tiger our only limit is you

If you can’t, then you MUST!

If you can’t, then you must. I first heard this quote from a body builder yogi named, Ben Pakulski.  I never even knew there was such a thing as a body-building yogi, but what blew me away even more than his ability to combine two seemingly opposite practices, was his ability to push beyond the limitations of his ego to embrace a higher version of himself. This line has since…
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A Refined Focus

Today I’d like to discuss a life skill that I believe is a critical piece of driving our desired results in life.  It’s the skill of refining our focus.  It’s an evolutionary process that typically transpires from six individual steps. We awake to the realization that our life is not headed in the direction of our ultimate vision.             It may be the first time you’ve had this realization about…
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