No Technology?!!

What happens when three boys have a sleepover with no technology allowed?? Their imaginations are forced to come out and play!! ????????????

Last weekend, I decided to test a certain theory about modern-day kids. I am VERY happy to report that that sans video games and iPads, old school sleepover staples are still as epic as ever.

S’mores, Homemade Pizza, Sleepover Snacks, Late Night Giggles, and the power of a few key props still rock the world of every adolescent, if given the chance to experience them in all their glory.

Modern-day junk food 😉

We took a quick trip to Best Buy for a heavily-researched three-pack of walkie talkies. After 30 minutes of intensely grilling the poor Best Buy Associate, they made their purchase.

Probably the most excitement the Best Buy guy had all night!

The boys pooled their money and decided to rotate who gets to keep them after the sleepover. They then spent the next 15 hours on an imagination spree.

Here, our living room has been magically transformed into a space ship, the galaxy king is on his throne, and the ship commanders are submitting their exploration findings.

Brilliant imaginations at work!

And it gets even better. Each “cage” contains an extra-terrestrial creature that has been saved from certain death by our three space heroes! #imagine #spaceheroes

Extra-terrestrial Creatures

This momma may have insisted on vegan pizza and indoor S’mores, but I can promise you one thing: it was an unforgettable childhood memory for these three boys.

Please God, allow me to bask in these moments that are already flying by too fast! 

One final note: I am not sharing this to tout my sleepover-hosting skills. I am sharing this for any parent on the planet who needs a little encouragement that your kiddos CAN and WILL survive if you take away the technology. Sometimes we even begin to doubt that they would appreciate old-fashioned fun. The key is filling the void with REAL LIFE experiences! Not always so easy to do…but you can do it! And, in the end, your kids will thank you for it.

Sending you lots of love and strength,

Chaya XO

Chaya Ben-Shabat
Chaya is a mom, entrepreneur, success coach, athlete, student, dreamer, and world traveler.   She is also the founder and CEO of an up-and-coming international school system, designed to revolutionize global education.  She works with highly determined women to help them bust through their obstacles, discover and channel their inner superpowers, and master the tools and skills necessary to design and create the life of their dreams.

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