Is Your Dream Life Scheduled?

In this week’s Vlog, we’re gonna take a good hard look at your Dream Life. Would you believe me if I told you that I could take ONE LOOK at your schedule and tell you with 100% certainty whether or not your Dream Life is on the way?!

How? Because dreams don’t happen on accident.

You know the old saying, “A dream without a plan is just a wish”….?

By looking at your daily, weekly, and monthly calendar, anyone can tell whether you’re actually working on creating your dreams…or whether you’re just dreaming about them.

Yep, it really is that simple. Black and white. Dreams vs. Reality. You are making the choice every single day.

Please be clear on this: by NOT making the choice to plan, you are making the choice to NOT achieve your dreams. Not choosing is a choice. Albeit an unconscious one, but still a choice, nonetheless.

Your dreams don’t care if you’re too busy.

Your dreams don’t care if you don’t know how or where to start.

Your dreams don’t care if you are an unorganized mess.

Your dreams don’t care if your family isn’t cooperative or supportive.

Your dreams don’t care if you’re too broke to see straight.

As far as your dreams are concerned, the only thing that matters is whether you are investing the energy to bring them to life.

Until you choose to put some real skin in the game, your dreams will forever live beyond your reach. Some Day isn’t a day of the week, yo!

So, how do you invest? With your time.

How do you live your dream life? You schedule it.

And how do you start when you are clueless, overwhelmed, exhausted, and scared, but you refuse to be swept away by the current? Just like everything else, you start ugly.

Here’s what that looks like:

And here’s a Weekly Planning Template to help you start.

I’m also including a copy of my current working template, just to give you an idea.

Remember, you’re not aiming for perfection the first time. The main thing is to just start!

I can’t wait to hear from you as you lean into it, embrace your madness, and start ugly. Your dreams are waiting!

XO, Chaya

Chaya Ben-Shabat
Chaya is a mom, entrepreneur, success coach, athlete, student, dreamer, and world traveler.   She is also the founder and CEO of an up-and-coming international school system, designed to revolutionize global education.  She works with highly determined women to help them bust through their obstacles, discover and channel their inner superpowers, and master the tools and skills necessary to design and create the life of their dreams.

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