How Momma Gets Her Groove Back

Today I’m starting a 12-week sculpted vegan weight-training program! I’m posting it here as a measure of accountability and commitment.  ????????
It consists of plant-based foods (duh), weight-lifting and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I did a very intense 4-week shred in May, and I loved it so much I decided to come back and do the 12-week version. However, I’m doing one major tweak to the program…I’m combining it with another one of my favorite philosophies: intermittent fasting. I’ve been off animal products and doing IF for years, and I totally give it credit (well at least partial credit BH!!!) for how I’m able to maintain high energy levels even with crazy work loads, minimal sleep and lots of exercise.
I will NOT be posting before and after pics (LOL), but I will be happy to share my results and experiences with you along the way.

For now, I want to share this:
– I’m starting this program on a TUESDAY. In the middle of a month. Because for the first 40 years of my life I always put things off until the beginning of the week or month.
– I turned 40 last year, and this has been a year of intense reflection for me. (I’ll share more about that on a different day, but suffice it to say it has taken me almost a full year to decide who I want to become on the other side of 40).
– I have a serious dream of living to 120, because I have AT LEAST two more lifetimes of things I hope to accomplish. And if I aim to do that, I have to make purposeful life choices! (More about that later as well.) G-d may choose to take me home tomorrow, and there’s nothing we can do about that…but I certainly don’t want it to be my fault!
– My biggest regret in life thus far is all of the YEARS I’ve wasted being paralyzed by my fears of what other people think. Or will think. Or might think. Or would think. D.U.M.B.
– There will always be another bag of chips to finish before we start eating healthy. Another bottle of wine to enjoy before we stop drinking. Another movie to watch before we get off the couch. Another day to delay owning our own reality. Real life begins the moment we stop using excuses as a self-imposed prison.
– I hope today will be the weakest day I’ll see in a long, long time. I want to be stronger on the outside AND inside at 41, 45, 50, 70, and 90 than I am at 40, with the help of Heaven.
– I’m adding weight training, because I’m terrible at it. I literally have zero upper body strength. I can run 5 miles with my eyes closed, but I can’t do a pull-up to save my life. I have a goal to push beyond my own personal limits. My ability to do a pull-up will not change the world, but it will change my inner world. And when a girl believes in HERSELF, well THAT can change the world. ????
– So my number one goal for this 12-week program is to use it as a stepping stone, launch pad, transition phase, breakthrough (whatever you want to call it) to an elevated version of me…not a diet or a fad or a desperate grasp…but a new reality where life has no more limitations. Limitations are only in the mind. (Health, money, relationships, etc. are all merely side-effects of our mindset…this has long been proven.)  
– I bought myself a new pair of shoes to represent my new chapter. To me, the rainbow of colors represents happiness and unlimited potential. I mean, who couldn’t be happy and powerful with these shoes on your feet??!

In summary, what’s the point of this post? Well there is none, really. Only for me to draw a line in the sand and say that TODAY…this odd, random, Tuesday at 6:24 PM…is my starting point of a life without limits. Ready. Set. Go.


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