Happy Anniversary!

Hiiii!  As I start working to come out of hibernation mode after a glorious and much-needed break, I thought I would take two seconds and celebrate my wedding anniversary by introducing you to my husband.   🙂 How did a strong-willed, small-town girl from Texas end up married to a “foreigner” with a long bushy […]

It’s Chanukah!

Happy Chanukah – the Festival of Lights! Chanukah is such a special time. A miraculous season of the supernatural order. There’s so much I could say about Chanukah…what it is, what it is not. It’s a holiday that has been largely misunderstood by the general public for the last 2200 years. I’m biting my tongue […]

Um, is that your hair?

Note: I originally wrote this article a few years back, but the question has come up again recently, so I’m sharing it here.  🙂 Soooooooo….it has come to my attention again recently that I have apparently been much better at hiding one of the basic laws of Orthodox Judaism than I realized.  (And FYI, this […]

Why I Changed My Name

     I originally wrote this blog entry in early 2015 to explain to some of my old friends, clients, and students why I made the decision to change my name when I became an observant Jew.      But, before I share this change with you, I want to repeat my general disclaimer, for […]