Digging Deeper Diaries

Far too often, we completely miss out on the incredible discoveries and experiences that life holds for us because we’re merely skimming the surface of our daily realities.  We’re drifting through life, sleepwalking, like zombies on autopilot.  We’ve got to stop skimming the surface.  It’s time to dig deeper to create a life of purpose…a life that is bursting with passion, excellence, and joy. 

This blog is a collection of my own lightbulb moments and awakening experiences as I work to dig deeper in my own life.   Each diary entry should honestly begin as “My Dearest Chaya”, because I am attempting to speak to myself from a wiser place deep inside, from the spark within each of us that is connected to Infinity.  Because my physical self, the one I see in the mirror every day that always seems to disappoint…that girl needs all the help she can get.

Love ya, Chaya

Digging Deeper for Success
American Dream
Personal Excellence

We the People…

We the people, of the United States of America, do NOT REALLY WANT TO KNOW THE TRUTH. We don’t want to know the truth about

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Personal Excellence
Chaya Ben-Shabat

Excellence in a Lockdown?!

How strong-minded mommas slipped into the quarantine funk…and how to snap out of it! What does excellence look like in the midst of a global

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