5 Time Management Tips for the Multi Passionate Woman

Are you a multi passionate woman? 

Have you ever even heard of that phrase till now? “Multi passionate.” Well, it’s the new buzzword, and it’s everywhere.

But what does it mean??? I know many women out there who are passionate about a LOT of things…which begs the question, is every woman a “multi passionate woman”? And if not, can you become one?

Here’s one definition. As a multi passionate woman, you are a high-achiever (or an aspiring high-achiever) with several different areas of passion. And you. Love. Them. All. You can’t decide which to pursue first! Or, you just can’t bear to let any one of them go. So you’re stuck figuring out a way to juggle all these multiple loves, and no one’s made an app for that yet.

Sound familiar? Are you feeling pulled in so many different areas of interest, talent, and passion that you can’t choose just ONE? 

Join me in today’s vlog, as we discuss 5 time management tips specifically for multi passionate women.

These are not your everyday quick tip life hacks. Because…you are not an everyday woman. You are a multi passionate woman.

At the Digging Deeper tribe, we do time management differently. No microwave fixes, no shortcuts―that’s NOT my secret sauce. My actual secret? I play the long game. It may take longer―at first―but it actually gives you better, stronger, and faster results in the long run.

Here’s how you can stop the madness of a microwave mentality.

Tip #1: Think outside the box and go against the grain. 

Get a plan together. Now, if the word “plan” has you screaming with your hair on fire, because you don’t have time for ALL the things, much less time to put a plan together―I totally feel you. It’s not your fault. That’s how we were raised. We were brought up to think we had to figure it out for ourselves. Nobody taught us how to manage our time, let alone be strategic about it. 

Remember playing leapfrog as a kid? Propelling forward over the hurdle to get ahead? That’s exactly what we’re going to do here. I call it the leapfrog effect. But it’s going to require you to unlearn and deprogram yourself from all of that status quo nonsense that’s keeping you stuck where you are right now. You know, living on caffeine and chocolate and waking up putting out fires. 

My dear friend, that kind of life is never, ever, ever going to get you where you want to go. 

But how do you stop the madness? 

Tip # 2: Get clear on all your areas of passion.

Now, you’re thinking, “Well, duh, I know what I’m passionate about.”

No! Don’t be vaguely clear. Don’t keep them stuck in your head. Get them on paper! Write down passion #1, #2, #3, and so on. You can also call them “goals” instead of passions, if that helps.

Here’s some of mine.

One thing that really excites me is philanthropy―I’m working hard to radically revolutionize the world’s educational system. A second passion of mine is Digging Deeper, helping women up-level their lives so they can actually create the life they want. Another is health and fitness. Most importantly, of course, is my family. So, let’s just say I’ve got four passions (there are a few others, but we’ll focus on these for now). 

I want you to write down all of yours. You know how it’s hard to hit a moving target? Well, it’s darn near impossible to hit an invisible one. 

So you have to identify each of those bullseyes.

Tip #3: Download My Time Management eBook.

Depending on when you’re reading this, you can get my time management eBook completely free for a very limited time. 

Highly successful women do time management differently. They are proactive, not reactive. As a result, they don’t spend all day swimming around in other people’s drama or putting out fires. 

In addition, they also start with the end in mind. And that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Starting now. Carve out some time today, if you can. If not today, schedule a time in the next day or so and turn to page 35 in the eBook. Here, you will sketch out your life vision. 

Why is this important?

You need to see the different areas of your life and your passions as working together to create one whole. And not whole like in a big, messy pile of spaghetti. This process will teach you how to start “pulling out one noodle at a time” and create order. Once you get those systems in place, you can finally achieve lift-off. Who knows, maybe by the end you’ll join the infamous 5am club!


Tip #4: Reverse Engineer Your Life Plan

That life vision you just created above is now your launch pad. This is the foundation to help you start achieving your one year goals. Having a one year goal is essential, because it will determine all of your tasks, objectives, and projects for the entire year.

Usually, when I look at another woman’s task list, it in no way resembles the life she actually wants to create for herself. 

Why the massive disconnect? 

Because she is not reverse engineering her life plan. Or, maybe there is no life plan! To find the exact process for reverse engineering your life plan into tangible, one year goals, check out page 51 of the ebook. 

Ok, I can feel your heart starting to palpitate. 

You’re like, oh NO! Not another thing to do! Girlfriend, I know this sounds like work. But it’s super fun. Like those quizzes you did as a teenager. Only this one will show you just how achievable your dream life really is when you do it…the other way around.

Tip # 5: Set annual, monthly, weekly and daily goals.

These are what I like to call my four pillars of life. 

Once a year, every year, I carve out one week, called War Week, which you can learn more about here. In War Week, I literally wage war on the mediocrity of life. This includes mapping out the coming year. It is my “Master Plan.” Then, once a month, every month, I take a day and do a monthly strategy session to tighten up all of my goals, objectives, and projects for the coming month. 

Wait. There’s more.

Every week, I take 2-3 hours for a weekly planning session. And (finally!), every day, I conduct an evening review that lasts about 15 minutes. 

Here’s the difference between all of them. 

During my annual and monthly sessions, I plan how I will accomplish my goals, create my dream life, and bring my vision into reality. These are my strategy sessions. However, my weekly and daily sessions are when I manage the execution of my goals and maintain my desired level of excellence. These are my maintenance sessions.

If I didn’t commit to this process, there’s NO WAY in the world I’d be able to pursue all of my passions. I invest tons of quality time with my family, read at least one book a week, and manage my own health with daily exercise and clean eating. And…I give back to my community. In addition to our work in revolutionizing global education, my husband and I also run multiple programs and events right here from our own home for the local community.

But here’s the deal. 

I’m not special. I wasn’t born with superhuman strength or laser beams that shoot from my eyeballs. I’m a gal with a family and drama and massively embarrassing weaknesses,  just like you. 

If I can do it, so can you. With one simple decision.

You just have to decide you’ve had enough. You’re done banging your head against the wall, this multi passionate woman is READY for something new. 

Give these five steps a try, and―as always―shoot me your feedback. Your triumphs, challenges, and anything that comes up along the way. Let me know how it’s going, because we are in this together.

And we are in it to win it.

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