Did you just get the awesome news that your lovely darlings will be home with you again every day for the next several weeks?

Could it actually be that we have to go through another season of homeschooling with forced school closures and lockdowns?!  😱😱😱😱😱😱

How to survive homeschooling during the pandemic

As someone who has worked from home for the past 17 years while raising a family through private schools, mainstream schools, and homeschool, I can honestly say that I’ve tried it all when it comes to experimenting with the perfect formula for working from home while educating my kid from home.

Please allow me to share 5 tips of things we should all do differently in our second round of global lockdowns:

1. Skip the panic, shock, and dread phase

This ain’t your first rodeo, momma.  You’ve been here before and your whole family survived with minimal scarring.  We all learned the first go round what to expect.  And we also learned that denial and day-drinking didn’t really solve our problems.  So, this time around we can be smarter, wiser, and savvier with our response to the situation.

2. Take decisive action instead of slipping into paralysis and overwhelm

Let’s face it – last year we were all forced to deal with a brand-new situation that the modern world had never faced before.  And the fear of the unknown led much of humanity to act in sheer panic.  In the midst of the global toilet paper shortage, we found ourselves facing the terrifying and thankless responsibility of getting our own kids through the school year.  Never-mind we couldn’t remember grade school math, but who knew how much effort it required just to keep our kids on task all day!

This go round, we have the experience and wisdom to make different choices. We do NOT have to repeat the same chaos as last year.  Look back and make a quick list of what you learned last time…and how you would tweak things if you were forced to solve the problem for someone else.  Often times, simply by taking the emotion out of the equation, we can step into our true brilliance and come up with genius solutions.

3. Rise above the drama, the FOMO and the Mom guilt

Your kids will survive.  You will survive.  In fact, you can transform this challenge into your finest hour and totally rock it.  But only if you choose to rise above the drama and release the pressure of being a Pinterest Perfect homeschooling mom. If you’d like some quick tips on the infamous quest for work-life balance, I’m happy to share some tried and tested methods here.

4. Choose not to be bullied into conformity by your local school system

Again, you’ve been there, done that sister.  You went through half of last school year as a horrifying hybrid of drill sergeant meets hall monitor, and you do not want to become that person again.  You nor your kids will thrive under the pressure of ridiculous bureaucratic expectations of treating the lockdown like “school from home”.  There is absolutely no point to it – and the data from the 2020 lockdown is already self-evident.  Both you and your kids will benefit if you take a breather and decide who you want to be during this season, instead of being spoon-fed what’s expected of you from the government.

5. Choose to have fun and enjoy the sitch.  Remember, when life gives you lemons…make margaritas!

While we can all agree that no one is asking for this situation, we can certainly decide to make the best of it instead of letting it derail us for another year.  In fact, if we don’t want to raise our kiddos to feel like victims of their environment, then they need to see us take ownership of this situation and rock it like a champ.

Whether we like it or not, half the globe just got the news of another season of being forced to work from home while educating our kids from home.  

So, we can choose to either become bitter or better.  

We can either become paralyzed with fear and overwhelm, or we can dig deep and allow this to become our finest hour.

I say let’s play a little game of leapfrog with the universe and show the world just exactly what we’re made of.

If you’d like to quickly learn more on how to salvage the next several weeks of your life, I’m happy to share a collection of lessons I’ve learned through trial and error of educating my son while working from home as a high-achieving, goal-oriented entrepreneur over the past decade.

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From one working mom to another…you got this! ❤️

Love, Chaya

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